Programme: Erasmus+

Action: KA1 Individual mobility for learning purposes – VET Learners

Project: 2017-1-ES01-KA102-037538

Promoter: Istituti professionali di Alcalà de Guadaira e Dos Hermanas

Hosting Partner: Reattiva (Campobasso)


The DUAL ROAD TO EUROPE project, promoted by Alcalà de Guadaira e Dos Hermanas was designed to improve the quality of education,  strengthen the relationship between professional training and the world of work to ultimately increase employability.

Reattiva proudly hosted and introduced 8 Spanish students, in Campobasso.

The newly graduated participants from different VET schools carried out technical-professional training for a period of 2 Months in the Catering, Social, and Mechanic sectors.